EC Partner is committed to long-term partnerships and cooperating in the design phase of a project. By getting involved with us early - your project will receive a fast response from the manufacturer about technical designs, MOQ's, prices and lead times as we work closely with our 60+ suppliers from all over the world.

Our strengths:

- We supply our customers with a broad assortment of passive components, from the smallest ceramic capacitors to the biggest transformers at 100kg.

- Our sales team has the technical competence in passive components that make us more than just a supplier.
We help you find the correct components, competitive prices and smart designs for your demands.

- Our two warehouses, one in Oslo for the European market, and one in Hong Kong for the Asian market, secures our delivery of components no matter where our customers production is located.

With over 60 manufacturers we can always find components to match your demand in areas like: Ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, super capacitors, coils, cores, transformers, switches, connector, crystals, cables, oscillators, LED, RF-components, coax and antennas. We have a mix of high-end manufacturers like Eaton, IMS, Kemet, Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC) and Taiyo Yuden, where the quality cannot be compromised. In addition, we also offer competitive products from manufacturers with smaller and specialized product ranges like CEN Link, ECE, Holy Stone and Mercury.

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We often cooperate with customers to d esign a special component or assist with complicated projects. Tell us your issue and we will help to find the article best suited to your needs. Adjustments in datasheets, odd articles and new designs - we will help you find the right component.

See below for some special project summaries and component designs.